Case Study: Enhancing the user’s experience in the Bedroom

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What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a process for understanding users, empathizing with them, and identifying gaps in their experience. This process enables us to come up with the best possible solution to the user’s problems. It consists of the following stages:

Stages of Design Thinking


The bedroom is where you spend most of your time. Ugh oh! THE MISTAKE we make is ASSUMING things before experiencing anything. I unlearnt during this journey that I am NOT THE USER. That is why we have this empathize stage where we hear the perspective of the user. It is an important step in the process as it will help us to come up with customer satisfying solutions.

  • She feels that the room needs to have more storage space and be a little organized cause there is a lot of stuff lying here and there.
  • She often spends her time in the dining area. She uses the bedroom for sleeping, chilling with her sister, and getting ready.
  • She doesn’t like the windows that are above the window, in the afternoon it disturbs their sleep. When it is sunny the room becomes very hot(ceilings are high and there is one fan). When she works in a room, the room gets messy and she is too lazy to keep it organized.
  • There is no extra furniture like sofas or chairs when they hang out with guests in her room, she usually keeps the food on the bed. She feels like the room is full of stuff.
  • When studying on the bed, her sister keeps a small desk which becomes uncomfortable after some time and as it is small she can not use it to keep two things.
  • The switchboards are near the bed.
  • Plays the online game with his friends
  • Study and work. He sits on the floor sometimes if it becomes uncomfortable he switches to bed.
  • There is no TV, and he uses my phone to watch movies.
  • Dumbbells are kept on the floor, and he finds it irritating. When he opens the almirah door, it needs to be removed from there.
  • Need more storage and be organized
  • For getting dressed up, the mirror is on the Almira, and clothes and other products are inside of it.
  • One sidelight, sometimes it gets dim.
  • When hanging out with others it becomes congested.
  • He finds working on the bed uncomfortable for longer hours and tends to switch places while working.
  • He can not find his water bottle sometimes.
  • There is no fixed structure for keeping things for him like his laptop and books are randomly placed on the bed.
  • He has a TV, which is on the right side of the room, and in the center, there is a wardrobe which becomes difficult for the person sitting on the left to watch the tv.
  • In the afternoons the sunlight comes in, and he needs to shut the curtain on the window to avoid watching tv. There is a table with drawers under the tv.
  • Storage is enough
  • No extra furniture, hence facing problems when hanging out with guests.
  • He has a dressing table, things are kept behind the mirror, there is no chair for the dressing table. (he wants one)
  • Do not spend too much time in the room, work in the living room.
  • He believes that when we sleep our subconscious body releases negative energy therefore he wants to come to the bedroom only to have rest.
  • He does not keep the phone while sleeping, only sometimes reads books on the bed or watches movies on the phone.
  • There is no table or chair or sofa though the room is pretty spacious.
  • Only one lamp on the stool and a huge mirror.
  • Can’t work on the bed, tends to sleep.
  • Switches are far and do not require charging ports near the bed.
  • He Likes light-colored bedrooms and natural lights. He doesn’t like empty rooms.
  • Drinks water stored on the dining table, cannot keep the water near him while asleep.
  • Do not watch TV in the room, do not like it.


In this stage I have to figure out the problems based on the interviews I have taken, the problems are typically faced by users as mentioned in the interview. From the empathize stage I wrote down all the problems I was able to find out for each of the users separately and focused on the WHY ( why is it important to the users ?) part.

  1. The room is hot and does not have proper lights for study purposes: She and her sister are not able to work in the room, they have to switch places in order to study comfortably.
  2. When the bed is being used for study purposes the desk used is small (can not keep laptop and notebook together and it becomes uncomfortable): Her sister is not able to work in the room, they have to switch places in order to study comfortably and is bad for body posture. Back and neck pain can also arise.
  3. The room gets sunlight from the window above: they get disturbed due to sunlight in the afternoon while trying to rest and also it becomes hot.
  4. More storage and an organized room( without putting too much effort): Their behavior towards keeping their room tidy is lazy and she wants the room to be organized and look good while doing much. She also wants to buy more cabinets but could not store books and other stuff.
  5. Fairy switch lights are far from the bed: So when she sleeps, she likes keeping it on for a while but forgets to switch it off as the switch is far, this can cause increased electricity bill and waste of energy.
  6. No extra furniture for the guest to keep food or to sit: so that the user and her family and friends can comfortably hang out in her bedroom.
  1. One side is dimmed, with no proper lighting in the room: in order to have no problem (stress on the eyes) while studying or working or doing any other activity.
  2. Gym equipment lying on the floor makes it difficult to open the cupboard: so he can make it easier for him to open the cupboard and don’t worry about the equipment and make it look more organized.
  3. Studying on the bed becomes uncomfortable for longer hours: so that he can study with convenience for longer hours and be productive.
  4. When a lot of people hang out, it becomes congested.No extra furniture like sofas: so that the user and her family and friends can comfortably hang out in her bedroom.
  5. No table near the bed: to keep his phone on the table while charging and other stuff too.
  6. No space for workspace: he needs it in the near future where he can be productive and work.
  7. More organized ( without putting too much effort): studying the behavior of the user would fulfill the user desired problem.
  1. Tv is not in the correct position: the user can have a better experience while watching it with his family
  2. Sunlight issue in the afternoon while watching t.v: so the user doesn’t have to worry about it and not get annoyed by it.
  3. Have to pull chairs and tables from dining when guests arrive: so the user can have a better experience while hanging out with his family.
  4. Don’t have a chair for the dressing table: can comfortably get dressed up.
  5. Can not work on a bed with a laptop for longer hours: so that he can study with convenience for longer hours and be productive.
  6. Keep things here and there, have to find them especially water bottles, books, and laptops: so the user can be productive and not waste his time on finding such things. Be organized.
  1. The bed area and work area should not be in the same room: as per the belief of the user, he does not like to work where he sleeps, it would help him when he would not have an option.
  2. Own storage (cupboard): there is no cupboard for the user personally and he wants one.
  3. Switches are far: so the user can have a better experience while sleeping and does not have to get up once he is on the bed and sleeping.



🥇TOP 1

Moveable side bed desk with attached light lamps and a cup holder.

WHY: Most of my users work on the bed and they face issues while working or studying on the bed like backache, small desk (not able to keep more than two things), height issue. hence they are not able to work on the bed for a longer period of time. The light issue is also solved by the clamp lamps they do not need any additional light in their room and worry about the electrical connections or get up to switch on or off the lights. That is why I choose this solution so that the users can have a good experience while working on the bed.

🥈TOP 2

The extendable table attached to a rack-like column which on the sides can have foldable chairs attached to it.

WHY: The reason why I chose this idea is that 3 out of 4 users have guests or their family over in the bedroom to hang out. They use the bed to sit and eat which makes them a little uncomfortable or even worse they get the chair from the other room. Sunpreet and Naveen do not have a table and chair or couches in their room whereas Anikta and Ventak had things lying on the table and also did not have couches in their room. Considering the storage, organizational issue, and space I came up with this solution. This will help them to have an option to sit eat and work other than their beds and also provide extra storage.

🥉TOP 3

T.V in the center surrounded by the wardrobe or the storage area, shelves or cabinets.

WHY: This will help Sundeep to resolve his problem ( t.v not on the center of the bed as there is a wardrobe on another side of the wall ) as welḷ as give other users to have an idea of how they can inbuild the tv their rooms. This idea uses space to solve the organizational issues and the position of t.v.


It is showtime guys! No one is perfect neither is my solution but I tried my best to come up with what would be workable in the case of my users as well others facing the same issue is Top Idea 2. I tried not to spend too much time and money on prototyping. I kept the Problem statement in front of me while working on the ideas as well as prototyping. Here is the Problem statement I choose to work on.

A way to have some space for guests in the bedroom for eating and sitting.

In this stage we were supposed to make a presentation model in any way ( clay, waste material, pictures on the internet, etc), I chose to make some digital sketches. and explain how, what and why we proposed the solution.

FIG 1.
FIG 2.
FIG 3.
Wooden block
FIG 6.
FIG 7.
FIG 8.


💁‍♀️The reason why I have built it this way is that it gives a storage area which makes things more organized and secondly a table which can be used in various ways.


They as Customer is like God and so is their Feedback. 😇

  • Things might fall off if you open the table.
  • The mirror can be incorporated
  • Foldable Armrest chairs
  • Cushions are at the bottom and have storage space.


  1. Add a door which is like a mirror in the table’s storage area:
Fig 1.
Fig 2.
FIG 3.


UX is more about usability rather than how it looks, the only way to make your product or solution better is by engaging and observing the users.

Following Are The Key Takeaways:-

⚡It is not There can be simple solutions too which can be used to solve the problem efficiently and it is not your job to solve each and every problem.



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